A selection of party platters for all your requirements, be that a kids party , an office get together or a corporate luncheon. All our platters are based on approximately 12pax and are sealed with clear pvc covers for freshness & hygiene purposes.

to order: paula@decadentcupcakes.co.za

Cold Platter Selection

Mediterranean Dips Platter R390.00 Tzatziki, houmous, olive tapenade, melitzanosalata (eggplant), served with sliced toasted panini.

Finger Snack Platter R480.00  Olives, assorted cheese bites, pickles, cocktail tomatoes.

Breakfast Platter R420.00 - Butter croissant sandwiches, pastrami, ham & cheese, salami & avocado(when available) etc...

German Style Platter R480.00 - A selection of quality sliced german sausages, dill cucumbers, red piquante peppadews, pickled onions & German mustard dip

French Baguette Deli Platter R450.00 - Baguette deli sandwiches filled with butter lettuce, sliced tomato, quality deli meats, peppadews, gerkins etc, served on a bed of lettuce, the authentic deli brunch!!

Mediterranean Platter R530.00 Vegetarian - Falafel balls, mini pita bread, black olives, feta cheese, served with hummous.

Sandwich Platter R390.00 - Cocktail triangle white & brown bread sandwiches filled with assortment of available fillings like cheese & tomato, tuna mayonnaise, chicken mayonnaise, ham & cheese etc...

Picola Italia Platter R530.00 Vegetarian - Mozzarella balls cherry tomatoes & basil kebabs, italian pesto & shaved parmesan bruschetta, roast peppers & Bruchetta.

Gourmet Cheese Platter R650.00 - A selection of quality gourmet cheeses served with crackers  & dips.

Gourmet Cheese & Fruit platter R580.00 - A selection of seasonal fresh fruits & quality gourmet cheeses served with plain yogurt.

Gourmet fruit kebabs platter R450.00 - Selection of quality fresh fruit made into kebabs and served with  strawberry & plain yogurt.

Wraps Platter R550.00 - Selection of savory mince & chicken strips wraps served with honey mayo dip.

Vegetarian Delight Platter R450.00 Vegetarian - A selection of fresh cut vegetables served with guacamole & cream cheese dips.

Hot Platter Selection

Roast Chicken Platter R600.00 - Roast chicken pieces on a bed of lettuce & tomato slices, served with BBQ sauce & fresh lemon slices.

Toasted tramezzini Platter R480.00 Toasted tramezzini wedges, spinach & feta, bacon & mozzarella, haloumi & guacamole.

Savoury Pastry Platter R590.00 - Selection of sausage rolls, beef pies, chicken and spinach pastries served with sweet chilli sauce.

Mediterranean Pastry Feast Platter R580.00 - A selection of homemade samosas, served with sweet chilli sauce on a bed of lettuce.

Kids Party Platter Selection

Funky Face Platter R450.00 - Round marie biscuit faces on a stick, iced with a variety of white & dark chocolate decorated with smarties & assorted sweets.

Kids Food Platter R530.00 - cocktail viennas, chicken bites, fish fingers.

Assorted Party Time Sweets Platter R420.00 - sweetie straws, marshmallows, choco dip cups, smarties, etc... selection depends on product availability.